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This shop was created to provide an alternative to poor quality, mass-produced, unethically-obtained or manufactured magick and ritual supplies on the market today. Ideally, many of us would have the time, skill, resources, and interest in tending our own gardens and crafting our own tools, but the current reality of our hectic lives doesn’t always permit that.

Regardless, you shouldn’t have to settle for less. S&E offers high quality, potent products for effective magick work, all following ethics of Earth care and reciprocity.

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Who Is Scyldís Blackbriar?

Cunning one, seeker of hidden knowledge. Find me singing over a pot of simmering bones- or in the garden, hands sinking lovingly into rich, living soil. I know channels of spirit, commune with the plant folk, and ride by night on feathered wing. Tending the fire of the ancient ones, and forged in it’s flames. I am. I become.

Know you more?

Scyld-what? Call me Blackbriar if you wish. Boiled down to a few simple descriptors, I am an animist, mystic, and eclectic practitioner of the occult arts.

I work with both healing and baneful herbs, as well as stones, sigils, charms, bones and other animal fetishes. I commune with the other and underworlds to gain insight into navigating life here in the middle world, the material plane of existence. Though technically a sort of grey witch (not subscribing to the false dichotomy of white vs black = good vs evil), I believe in holism and that everything- joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, all the trials and tribulations of life, are necessary for our evolution or the Divine Spirit (God, if you wish) would have no reason to allow them to exist. My religion and ethics strongly guide my work, which is first and foremost service to my community, and to the big life- to live under the light of wisdom. I believe in the necessity of reintegrating ritual into our daily lives and the importance of mending the neglected relationships between humans, the ancestors, the Sacred Powers, and the creatures seen and unseen with whom we cohabit Mother Earth and beyond. I envision a return to right relationship in accordance with the universal guiding principles. From a good life lived, a good death earned.

Coming from a multi-ethnic multi-racial ancestral lineage, both my spiritual and magickal paths are somewhat eclectic. I practice a mishmash of folk traditions, using what’s effective and feels cohesive to me. This includes some Northern European, Afro and Euro-Brazilian practices with a little “New World” flair. Religiously I tend toward monism in the ultimate Divine Spirit which encompasses and permeates all, but recognize and venerate individual deities as well (in accordance with Who has chosen me and as my house cult dictates).

As a mystic and a citizen scientist, I see value in studying the mythologies, cosmologies, and life ways of all peoples. To overcome the challenges of an ever shrinking world, we need to build better bridges between neighbors. There is no room for fear and ignorance. And if our goal is personal growth, more often than not we learn more about ourselves in the process of learning about “others”.

On this site, and my blog in particular, you will find subject matter both relevant to and outside of my own spiritual and magickal practices. If you are of good heart and good deed, you are most welcome here.

On your journey of growth and transformation, I wish you best of luck.

Scyldís Blackbriar