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Celebrating Ostara

The spring equinox has come and gone, the hours of daylight are growing rapidly, and there is a sense of excitement and urgency in the air. Sunna’s warming rays thaw the ground, early bulbs are blooming, and the green buds on trees are beginning to emerge after a long winter’s rest.

Many of us will now begin to celebrate the holytide of Ostara, popularized in modern times through Wicca, but also celebrated by other pagans and heathens. But what, or rather, who is Ostara? What is this holiday about? Spring? Well, that’s vague isn’t…

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Early Spring Musings

The winter wolf mother culled the herd, tore from us the old and the weakened parts.

Then came Hretha’s fierce winds and heavy rains- rotting the dead parts,

Drawing fertilization into the soil, and clearing way for new growth.

Now the power of Uruz, potent primal life force, shooting up in vibrant displays of color.

Golden, lilac, pink, and every shade of green!

All rushing to meet Her. All with arms outstretched to greet Ostara!

Bright radiant maiden of dawn. The one who opens the gates, celestial sibling of Mani and Sunna.

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The Final Harvest – Samhain, Death & the Liminal

You can almost feel the exact moment when the shift occurs. There is a scent, a very particular sound of leaves rustling in the trees, a feeling that sweeps over as the wind blows through.

On the way to the chicken coop I grasp my shirt collar and pull it up around my neck. “Its here!” A flush of excitement rushes through my body.

I love this time of year. Sure, a lot of folks claim to love fall, referencing cozy knits and pumpkin spice lattes. All that I could take or leave. What really does it for me is reflecting…

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Self-Care for Activists & Magickal Practitioners

Self Care

Activism is hard, but necessary work, and unless you’re one of the few people who are actually energized by it, it is likely to be very draining. Disappointments seem to arise more often than the victories, and if you don’t learn how to pace yourself and practice good self-care, you will burn out. Quickly.

Experienced practitioners of magick have an intimate understanding of how energy works. We are like batteries of sorts- unable to endlessly expend our own energy. Most forms of operative magick can be very taxing, even when we know…

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Spiritual Hygiene Part 2: Personal Cleansing

Cleansing Herbs

Self-care is important. It helps provide peace, clarity, and a sense of groundedness. This clarity and groundedness is the foundation for an effective magickal practice, and also assists us in acting from our highest potential when facing challenging people and situations. I believe that a good self-care routine goes hand in hand with spiritual hygiene for everyone, but this is especially true for witches and spirit workers.

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from negative energy, but every so often a thorough cleansing will be in order….

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Spiritual Hygiene Part 1: The Home

Rosemary Aspergillum

This blog post is intended for readers with a basic familiarity with the concept of spiritual cleansing but does not cover more serious scenarios that call for banishing rituals and the like.*

Nest. I love that word. It reminds me of warmth, comfort, and contentedness. A protective enclosure. My home is my nest, my sanctuary. It does take a good amount of effort to maintain a home, and even more to make it feel good in that inexplicable way. Like a kitten curled up by a sunny window? Like a loaf…

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Hare Magick

Hare Collage 4

What do you think of when you hear the word rabbit? What about hare? I’m always reminded of the policeman in The Wicker Man who compliments the owner of the candy shop on her “rabbits”, to which she replies “Those are hares! Lovely March hares.” He was a silly, silly man.

Though actually different species, hares and rabbits both have a long and varied history in myth and folklore. Most often they’re seen as lucky, but also as an ill omen.

Let’s explore these associations, shall we?

Spring and fertility

What are the…

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